Satellite solutions

Whether in Africa, Asia or Europe, satellite can be the best answer to a communications requirement.

The trick is knowing when, given the alternatives, and then, if it is best, getting the solution right in terms of design, quality, continuity and value. This involves ensuring the service requirement is realistic, complete and understood on all sides, and then determining the optimum means to fulfill it in light of radio environment, satellite coverage, budget and how the system will be operated and may evolve.

Expertise and experience across satellite and other technologies is essential in designing a good solution. This is Transeurosat's strength. First, Transeurosat is backed by leading space consultancy Systemics Network International, satellite services provider Vitrociset and Iceland Telecom. This strategic combination, formed in 2002, assures unique breadth and experience. Second, we draw upon world-class suppliers, whether for a single installation or a local, regional or global network, and whether for a business or public body or an NGO.

We further dispose of the business and governmental relationships to make projects a reality, innovating as we need to. An example is the hybrid TRIPLE satellite-wireless mesh network in Belgium that Transeurosat participants pioneered with terrestrial telecoms and business partners.

One thing we don't do is negotiate finance. This remains the responsibility of the client.

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