Satellite and supporting services

Transeurosat offers connectivity solutions as well as other services the client may require. These include:

· DVB and SCPC transmission links (transponder capacity)
· Satellite earth station equipment supply and installation
· VSAT network implementation including site survey
· Implementation of Local/Wide Area Networks (LANs/WANs)
· Private Corporate Intranets and Virtual Private Networks
· Voice over IP; assured video and audio streaming
· Tailored communication solutions including experimental
E-commerce implementation and support

Satellite systems available to ensure up to global coverage include:

· Eutelsat
· Intelsat
· NewSkies
· Intersputnik
· PanAmSat

Teleports available to guarantee terrestrial connectivity provide:

· Excellent visibility of satellites covering Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia
· Ku- and C-band
High-capacity downlink DVB-stream
· Backbone access PoP
· 24h/7d hotline service; remote services

Network design is part of the Transeurosat solution:

This example, in which CPE = customer premises equipment, is a configuration for a simple business network. Inserting local servers to cache and transfer information locally can greatly ease the flow of traffic going over expensive satellite links. This is a factor Transeurosat will consider in adapting networks to client needs, especially where terrestrial networks are absent or poor. A site survey is usually needed to assure a fully performant solution.

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Legal notice: All services offered are subject to contract, availability at time requested, and acceptance of the customer's order including as to payment facilities by Transeurosat and its suppliers. Transeurosat is the trading name of Trans-European Satellite Services Ltd (TESS), registered in England and Wales as Company No. 3956264.