Frequently asked questions


Q. Do you offer a one-way or a two-way transmission, or both?
A. Both. But we do not recommend receive-only service because, in a hybrid system, Transeurosat cannot exercise technical control over the interface between the receive channel carried by satellite and the return channel which goes over the terrestrial network. This may lead to additional delays and costs. On the other hand, if the customer is confident it can resolve the technical issues and interface with the local terrestrial provider on its own, Transeurosat will provide service. The customer can sometimes avoid regulatory complications by taking receive-only service.

Q. Can you offer speeds starting from as low as 64 kBit/s?
A. Normally yes, but services usually start from 512 kBit/s. A low data rate may well mean a proportionately higher rate per kBit/s.

Q. Can we use our own equipment to receive your services?
A. Experience has taught us that allowing customers to use their own equipment leads to interface problems and therefore extra costs and trouble. We will therefore check for compatibility. The customer must recognize the trade-offs involved. In some cases satellite operators furthermore specify which systems can be used. Transeurosat supports this practice, but is also ready to negotiate with the operator, where appropriate, to permit operation of a non-approved system where Transeurosat is confident it complies with the underlying specifications.

Q. Do you supply your terminals on credit?
A. Subject to approval by our bank, it is possible to accept Letters of Credit from an internationally recognized local bank. Otherwise, no.

Q. Can you provide us with your path traces?
A. Yes

Q. What are your discounts if we buy more than 8 Mbit/s per month?
A. They can be substantial and, above 10 Mbps, can justify a dedicated hub, which can lead to further savings over a sufficient period of commitment.

Q. Do we pay you or your supplier(s)?
A. For services performed by Transeurosat, yes, which will usually be the project agreement services. For delivery agreement services and equipment, this will normally be between you and the supplier concerned so payment will go direct to the supplier. This is the most straightforward solution for everyone. However, Transeurosat will negotiate that agreement for (or with) you and it may have continuing responsibilities under it.

Q. Whose internet access do you sell?
A. Tier 1 providers or Tier 1 equivalent providers with full RIPE accreditation.